Presentation of the „Sober and Safe Villages” project’s results
Presentation of the „Sober and Safe Villages” project’s results

On 1 December, the final regional conference of the „Sober and Safe Villages” project, within the FIA Road Safety Action program, took place at the National Patrolling Inspectorate (NPI). The event was attended by the project initiators, the Automobile Club of Moldova and NPI, as well as the participants of the project from the 3 regional zones targeted by the given project (Soroca, Hancesti, Cahul, (and Congaz chosen as out of project competition)).

At the event, the participants presented the results of the campaign, shared their local experiences, and gave positive feedback to the ACM and NPI teams. The NPI also provided updated statistical data related to the number of road crashes caused by drink driving in Moldova.

Tatiana Mihailova of ACM thanked all the project partners and announced the statistical changes in 3 selected regions for 10 months of 2016 (compared to the same period of 2015): there was registered a significant decrease of road crashes caused by drink driving: Soroca - 71%, Cahul - 33%, Hincesti - 20% and of injuries: Soroca - 16%, Cahul - 77%, Hînceşti - 11%. Over 100000 directly benefited from the given project.

Based on the final results of the campaign, the ACM nominated winners and handed out diplomas and prizes according to the following nominations:

"The safest and most sober region" – Southern Patrol Battalion in Cahul, for a significant reduction of the number of road accidents.

The representative of the winning team from Cahul, platoon commander, Gheorghe Palamarji.

"The most active volunteers’ team" - Youth Resource Centre Dacia, Soroca.

"The most active local police"- Platoon Hincesti, Cimislia, Leova of the Brigade Nr.3 of the Patrolling Battalion of the NPI of the Ministry of Interior.

"The best cooperation at local level"- Mayor Office of Congaz village.

The volunteers from Youth Resource Center Dacia, NPI Chief Livii Baziuc and the platoon commander of Soroca Gavril Ghilas.

The National Patrolling Inspectorate and the Chief Livii Baziuc received a special award - "The loyal partner" in gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and significant support in the realization of the project "Sober and Safe Villages".

It should be noted that the "Sober and Safe Villages" Campaign focused on one of the most significant risk factor of road crashes - drink driving, and took place in three Raions of the country (Soroca, Hincesti, Cahul) identified as the most 'dangerous' in an analysis in terms of violations and accidents due to drink driving.

During the Summer and Autumn, the ACM team in collaboration with the local authorities, police and volunteers organized actions to raise awareness about the risks of drink driving, promoting safer and better driving behavior and respecting road traffic rules.

The ‘Sober and Safe Villages’ project is a continuation of the pilot campaign carried out in 2015 within the project TRACECA Road Safety II, ‘Don’t drink and drive’ campaign, and funded by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile and FIA Foundation.

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